The effects of divorce or separation of parents on children

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Helping children adjust after separation or divorce

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Children suffer effects of parents' divorce into adult life - study

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Children suffer effects of parents' divorce into adult life - study

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Children of divorce: Psychological, psychiatric, behavioral problems and suicide

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In response to my blog about single parenting adolescents, I received this email request: "I was wondering if you could address the effects of divorce on very small children.". What I can do is. Divorce and separation have direct impact on children’s development. In addition to understanding how they can influence behaviour, this topic aims to provide a better understanding of the possible effects according to the child’s age and how to lessen these effects through various interventions.

Is Divorce Bad for Children? The breakup may be painful, but most kids adjust well over time. Free information about Children and Divorce in Canada. Click here to learn more about the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling on increases to child support.

When bad things happen, and for most, divorce is a bad thing, it can trigger a number of emotions. Depending on how you process what is happening, your happiness can return or, your emotions can get away with you and your emotional life can quickly get out of hand.

How children come to terms with separation.

Helping teenagers adjust after separation or divorce

Children usually wish that their parents would stay together. Sometimes they try to bring them together again by being very good.

The effects of divorce or separation of parents on children
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Is Divorce Bad for Children? - Scientific American