The benefits and effects of financialization

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Oct 09,  · What are the pros and cons of neoliberalism? Update Cancel. ad by NetSuite. The largest banks continue to accumulate wealth through the increasing financialization of every economy. And the benefits need to shared with fair taxation and investment in human capital.

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financialization quite broadly: for us, financialization means the increasing role of financial motives, financial markets, financial actors and financial institutions in the operation of the domestic and international economies.

I would define "financialization" simply as the standardized characterization of risk factors in a market, as agreed upon by the participants.

Some Advantages: The integration into a greater market scheme where market participants are able to import external correlated information or perspective and price local market factors with greater accuracy.

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Capitalism's excesses are becoming too much for the world to bear. Three seminal events in the last eight years have highlighted this fact. The crash, Occupy in and Bernie Sanders' rise. Those are not three separate events, but a cascading evolution to something new, more sustainable.

companies or divisions of companies, selling off assets, using debt for tax advantages, or share price manipulation—strategies for making profits without regard to the effects on organizational productivity, quality, innovation, employment, or long-term competitiveness.

The benefits and effects of financialization
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