Sun air boat builders case

Sunair Boat Builders, Inc. Essay Sample

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Starting out it was a high end boat, and over the years has only gotten more so. The initiation fee to this level of quality for a new boat is stiff, to say the least. But the good news for used boat buyers. CASE 20–1 SunAir Boat Builders, Inc.* adding additional sizes and styles in the hope of becoming a major factor in the regional boat market.

The “Silver Streak” was an open-cockpit, day sailer sporting a mainsail and small jib on a foot, telescoping aluminum mast. Sun Air Boat Builders seasonal demand, as opposed to a need for regular, level production, means that they must keep a good line of credit at the bank.

Problem Definition The management of Sun Air Boat Builders, Inc. needs to determine how well the molding department is doing and identify the steps on how to improve its performance in terms of the standards set by the company's accountant and the production department supervisor.

Framework of Analysis 1. Determine the molding department's: a. materials price and usage variances b.

Sun air boat builders case
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