Questionnaire on effectiveness of promotion schemes

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Effectiveness of promotional schemes

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A consumer survey was carried out to empirically test the effectiveness of sales promotion offers on three perceptual dimensions viz. quality, price and fun; and the impact of these perceptions on repurchase intentions.

“Effectiveness of Promotional offers at Big Bazaar, Belgaum”.MeaningPromotion is an important marketing force that provides extra incentives to achieve video-accident.comion is an important marketing tool as compared to advertisements and sales video-accident.comion is both short term and long term activities OF PROMOTION Promotions.

Questionnaire Name of respondent: _____ Age of respondent: _____ Address of Sales promotion activities in rural areas are totally different than urban areas? • Strongly Agree In case any company launches different promotional schemes on their products.

Which factor will change your buying decision. Vol. -4 No2 Dec Journal of Management Development & Research ISSN NoX 50 Parameter assessment of sales promotion schemes for a FMCG Product.

The objective of the study was to find out the effectiveness of the sales promotion provided by FMCG retail stores. The type of research used for this study was descriptive research design.

A well structured questionnaire was designed and data was collected from major FAMCG retail stores of Coimbatore. A Study of Sales Promotion Mix on Customer Satisfaction To examine the combined effect of sales promotion schemes on customer Second section related to 18 sales promotion factors.

The questionnaire had given five point scales rating Highly Dissatisfied to Highly Satisfied and comparative weights one to five, where five is the highest.

Questionnaire on effectiveness of promotion schemes
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