Negative effects of population growth

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Positive Effects of Population Growth

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What is Overpopulation?

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14 Major Negative Effects of Population Explosion

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Some negative effects of population growth are insecurity, crime, unemployment, underdevelopment, inequitable sharing of resources, and increased pollution of the environment.

These negative effects lead to subsequent problems such as clashes and fighting. In the past fifty or so years, the growth of population has boomed and has turned into overpopulation. In the history of our species, the birth and death rate have always been able to balance each and maintain a population growth rate that is sustainable.

What Are Some Positive Effects of Population Growth?

Negative population growth means that there are more individuals leaving the population than joining the population. For humans, leaving the population usually means either dying or emigrating.

Population growth is essential for creating a strong base of high-income workers. It also helps pay for social welfare programs. When birth rates decrease, the strain on younger workers can be immense. Increasing population means an increase in demand for goods and services.

If there are proper plans in place to convert the increasing population into a formally employed population, that would bring about positive changes to the economy in terms of increasing per capita income, thus economic growth. Positive and Negative Effects of Over Population Written on 09/20/ by Tochibenedict16 3 Comments Overpopulation is a situation where people in a particular country are many in relation to the available resources; it is also a situation whereby the population of a country is above the optimum population.

Negative effects of population growth
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Positive and negative effects of population growth - Essay and speech