Kpop effects filipino teenager

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The K-pop Effect: Breaking Stereotypes & Creating Fetishes

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Filipino Teenagers Positive to K-pop Virus

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specifically for you. Oct 18,  · Because of K-Pop’s popularity, Filipinos have established their own fan clubs for top K-pop groups like Super Junior, SHINee and Girl’s Generation. These three are considered part of the top 10 most popular groups in Korea and also have a lot of fans in the Philippines.

The Filipino Teens, this research provides information and a better understanding why other teens of our own race love Korean popular music (K-Pop) and how it affects their cultural perspectives in life.

The researcher gathered information from published articles like K-pop Domination: Good or Bad Influence?, Filipinos Get Hooked on K-Pop Craze, Korean Dramas, Kpop Helped Reshape Philippine TV, Music, Korean Culture in the Philippines, Korean Lifestyle, Korean Wave Hits the Shore of the Philippines, Koreanovela and its Reception among Filipino.

As one of the filipino teenager that has been influenced by KPOP, I really don't regret about how I become influenced by this because through KPOP, I become friendly, confident, open-minded and becomes more inspired and had more goals in life that I wanted to achieve in the future.

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Kpop effects filipino teenager
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