Effects of unemplyment

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The Overall Effects of Unemployment

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Effects of unemployment on mental and physical health.

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On the government: Fewer tax revenues – Because fewer people are working, there will be fewer people earning enough income to pay tax. Negative Effects of Unemployment. The negative effects far outweigh the positive effects when it comes to the impact unemployment has on society and the individual as well.

Not Enough Money: This is one of the adverse effects on the individual. Everything in the world costs money. Unemployment causes widespread poverty, increased crime rates, political instability, exploitation of labor and reduced economic development in the society.

Unemployment may also lead to psychological problems, such as mental illness, anxiety and depression. Unemployed people have no source of. Unemployment, particularly sustained unemployment, has both obvious and subtle effects on individuals, communities, families, businesses and political entities.

The impact is felt at the personal, community and even national levels, with individuals and families suffering the brunt of emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical effects. Unemployment affects the unemployed individual and his family, not only with respect to income, but also with respect to health and mortality.

Moreover, the effects linger for decades. The effects. Unemployment, particularly sustained unemployment, has both obvious and subtle effects on individuals, communities, families, businesses and political entities.

The impact is felt at the personal, community and even national levels, with individuals and families suffering the brunt of emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical effects.

Effects of unemplyment
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