Effects of pollution on ajanta and ellora caves

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Where is terra cave?

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Pataleshwar Caves

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Day Trip to Ajanta Caves

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What is the effect of pollution on ajanta and ellora caves? The carvings in the caves are damaged, they have lost their shine and gloss. this is due to the industry pollution and traffic as well. Pataleshwar Caves is located on Jungli Maharaj Road, in the city of Pune.

The cave temples are dedicated to Lord Pataleshwar, known as the god of underworld. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) which has been involved in the restoration work of the historical Ajanta and Ellora caves in Aurangabad, has decided to digitally reinstate the paintings that.

Ajanta, Ellora threatened

I am interested in making the trip from Mumbai to Aurangabad by overnight train. From there, there is a local bus to Ajanta Village.

Day Trip to Ajanta Caves

How does one get from the village to the caves? The famous paintings of the Ajanta and Ellora caves are rapidly deteriorating, according to a study by Megha Deshmukh of the Government Institute of Science in Aurangabad. The caves were excavated in hill ranges composed of chaotic piles of irregular basalt flows.

Effects of pollution on ajanta and ellora caves
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What effects does caving have on caves