Effectiveness of tax administration in nigeria

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Impact Of Taxation On National Development

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This study seeks to assess the effectiveness of value added tax administration so as to see whether value added tax has affected certain macroeconomic variables in. The thorough application of Information Technology in tax administration in Nigeria would be a welcome change in the system as this will greatly enhance the efficiency in tax administration in Enugu state in particular and Nigeria in general.

This study examines the determinants of tax administration efficiency. Tax is a medium incentives and perceived corruption on tax administration efficiency in Nigeria. A mixed government should put an effective measure in place to collect taxes from tax.

study therefore, seeks to study how tax administration in Nigeria could affect the overall effectiveness of Lagos State revenue generation in relation to assessment, collection and remittance of tax.

The general objective of the study is to analyse and assess the tax system in Nigeria with emphasis on tax. The study examines the overall effectiveness of tax administration in relation to assessment, collection and remittance of tax in Lagos State, Nigeria. VAIDS and the need for effective tax administration in Nigeria 11 Aug As part of efforts to improve non-oil revenue amid a global outlook of low oil prices, Nigeria's Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, recently signed an Executive Order (EO) on the Voluntary Asset and .

Effectiveness of tax administration in nigeria
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