Effect of socil media on nigerian

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Nigeria: How Nigerians Use Social Media

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In today’s social media driven environment, it is essential that small businesses understand facebook, twitter, and the strategies behind using social media for growing their business. effect of socil media on Nigerian youths Essay Social Media are websites and applications for social networking.

Students communicate with their friends, family and strangers on this social media.


The thrust of the study is to assess the effects of adolescents’ exposure to sexual contents through social media in Nigeria. It is also meant to reveal the vulnerability of the target population to. Social Media Week has become a leading platform and event with global reach across five continents, including Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Asia that explores the social, cultural and economic impact of social media.

H1: Social media has effect on voter behaviour in Lagos state. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study will help beam the searchlight on the impact of social media on voter’s behaviour, the decisions they make and elections as a whole based on the information available to.

While social media offer innumerable pleasures and benefits, there are side effects that we prefer to deny. We do so at our peril. As McLuhan famously observed in The Medium is the Message, technology amputates the faculty it extends.

Effect of socil media on nigerian
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