Comparison of mongol effects on han

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China from Mongol rule to the Ming

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Could Alexander the Great's Army Defeat Genghis Khan's in Battle?

The Mongols defeated Chinas imperial armies and made themselves direct rules. However they let Russia do as they pleased. They let them keep.

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The Mongol Conquests Inwith Genghis Khan at their head, the Mongol armies attacked the northern state of the Chinese Kin empire. With military genius but inhuman ferocity, the Mongols destroyed almost the entire population of large areas of China.

Watch video · "Mongol" is huge - with endless vistas and epic crowd scenes, quite without special effects - but Bodrov keeps the setting just that, never strutting visuals for their own sake.

The film is about people, and the cast is magnificent. Mongol Empire biggest land empire in history - Mongol Empire was the biggest land empire in history.

Its territory extended from the Yellow Sea in eastern Asia to the borders of eastern Europe.

Comparison of mongol effects on han
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Indian, Chinese, & Japanese Emperors